About Us

This site was conceived because I had nothing better to with my spare time. Instead of mucking around the house and surfing online endlessly trying to find original tattoo ideas, I figured that I might as well set up a site to help tattoo art lovers and seekers from every corner of the globe to find the most unique, first-rate, tattoo creations in the most convenient and most comfortable way possible.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of sifting through pages after pages of tattoo design books in various tattoo parlors, or trudging around websites in order to seek the most wonderful tattoo design ideas.

And I can’t begin to tell you how frustrating it was to spend numerous hours online, only to come across tattoo art directories that offer designs that sorely lack individuality. I mean tattoos are basically everlasting right? Once you have them marked on your skin, there’s practically no turning back, unless you’re in hurry to waste your hard earned moolah for a painful tattoo removal surgery.

It’s crucial that you take the time to sit down, and make the proper selection, try to really pin down the right design, one that fancies you the most and gives a true representation of your personality. This way, you won’t have the nudging feeling of regret after the ink dries.

As far as I’m concerned, the best way to select a tattoo design is to do it at the comfort of your own house. No rush, no hassle. Sitting in front of my PC with a can of Red Bull in hand as the exciting, kick ass beat of New Kids on the Block blaring on the speakers makes for a breezy, fun and comfortable selection process. Once you’ve found the right design, print it out, head to your nearest tattoo parlor, and then hand the design over to the artist so he or she can insert it into the thermal-fax for creating the stencils, pronto!

By the way, I’m kidding about listening to NKOTB …I don’t like them. With respect to all boy band aficionados, I must say that I absolutely loathe boy bands. Now, granted that NKOTB are no longer “boys”, but grown men with seemingly “macho” looking faces, I still can’t help but remember the dreadful lyrics to one of their biggest hit. C’mon you, let’s sing together and try to muster the most bubble gum voice you possibly can:

“Step by step, uuuuuuu baaaaby, gonna get, to you giiiiiiiiirlllll”…..I digress…